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Trophy hunting an unlimited hobby with no borders. Hunting in Africa, Australia, Alaska, in Western Europe and Asia, Caucasus and Byelorussia, in different regions of Russia from the western borders up to Kamchatka and Sakhalin is a way to investigate the world and to check one's personal potential. During the years of hunts and safaris unique collections of trophies are collected and exhibited in carefully created trophy rooms and houses. Some special trophies are registered in the Safari Club International Record Book and boast awards of prestigious clubs as SCI and Moscow Safari Club, collections are specially awarded. Trophy room is not only a place of storage of the hunting trophies and awards, photo gallery and movie theater, it is a club, a place of welcome meetings with an opportunity to share impressions and information on hunting and to taste viands of dedicated hunting menu as well.

Trophy Room is an elite club for the true connoisseurs of exclusive hunting and haute cuisine. Unlike any other restaurant, there is no fixed menu or vine card here, we can offer everything, but not for everybody! Trophy Room offers you luxury interiors, gala table appointments, specialties and individual cuisine, rich vine collection, irreproachable service.

The African Big Five is presented here to provide a special atmosphere to the event and to amaze even the most sophisticated visitor.

  • VIP-hall of de luxe class for 10 - 20 persons
  • Largest assortment of viands made of wild animals meat
  • Fish courses
  • Wi-Fi, satellite TV, karaoke
  • Hunting documentary movies
  • Protected parking


African room
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